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A couple of my friends went to the Afrikaburn Festival and came back changed people. They told me that this was like no festival I had ever seen – that it was a spiritual experience. I had already decided I would go after all the pictures and You Tube videos I was forced to watch.

Then a friend of mine invited me to the after party at the Alexander Theatre in Braamfontein, Johannesburg last weekend. I decided to go to see what kind of people would be there and what the vibe would be to prepare for the festival next year.

Well was I in for a pleasant surprise! My friend insisted that we all dress up as crazy as we could. We obliged by painting our faces in neon colours and wearing the odd accessory here and there.

When we arrived we were horribly underdressed. There were people dressed as chickens or in corsets flashing in neon lights. It was fantastic! The music was out of this world and for one night I felt like I was back in the London clubs like SeOne and Fridge. I did not know that this existed in South Africa.


The people were friendly and so relaxed. The vibe was absolutely perfect and many random conversations took place. There were two dance floors and an “Expression Room” where people were sitting on cushions on the floor facing a stage where people were free to express themselves. This place was free from judgement or prejudice – still a rare sight in this country. It was refreshing to see people from all cultures, sexual orientations, races and social standings all in the same venue as one.

Now, I cannot wait for next year – to travel into the desert and spend a week re-awakening myself. I encourage you to join me on this journey to the burns in the night.