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My hairdresser, Utha had the strangest story to tell about her Pitbull and the neighbors’ donkey.

She lives on a large property in the Kloofendal area of Johannesburg, bordering a farm with horses and the Kloofendal Nature Reserve. The neighbor recently acquired a donkey, and that was it, the Pitbull was in love. He would spend his days sitting at the fence staring longingly at the donkey.


This carried on for a few weeks, when one day, Utha received a call from her domestic worker. The Pitbull had dug under the fence and both the Pitbull and the donkey had mysteriously disappeared.


They searched the valley frantically and for two weeks, nothing was heard from the odd pair. In their search, they had encountered some wood cutters and asked them to let them know if they saw a dog and a donkey. As you can imagine, people did not believe this story at first.

Then came another call from the domestic worker, the wood cutters had found a donkey trapped in the valley. It had fallen into a ditch.

Utha raced home and accompanied the wood cutters to where the donkey was trapped and there they found the Pitbull’s decomposing body. The donkey had fallen into the ditch and the Pitbull had tried to help her. In her panic at being trapped, she had kicked the Pitbull to death. He never left her side…