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All kids of the 90’s grew up to watching Rachel, Ross, Joey, Phoebe, Chandler and Monica struggling through their twenties in the sitcom Friends. I used to envy their lives, I couldn’t wait for that period of my life.

Now, on the eve of my twenties, I look back and realize that I have had that life. Travelling the world, living in small apartments, having the time of my life with the most amazing friends  some that I’ve known forever and some that entered and blessed my life for a small time.

As I think back on the years of “Old enough to know better, young enough to do it anyway” I smile. The bad relationships, bad decisions, the crazy nights, the chilled days – all of us trying to figure out our place in this world, the confusing concept of adulthood and resisting growing up yet unable to resist change.

Our parents and how the relationships change as we grow older and more mature (yet act like teenagers at times). Their struggle and joy in becoming friends with us and not simply parents. The time when we realize that our parents might just have been right – most of the time.

Our careers, trying to find our path in life, struggling with our corporate jobs, own businesses and horrible bosses, realizing that the adults you looked up to and thought knew everything, are all just bigger kids with more money and the office is one big playground, filled with bullies, teachers, popular kids and nerds.

The introductory song to the show says it all:

Now, with two years left before we hit the Sex & The City period of our lives with more money, not much added maturity and the struggle to survive the thirties with even more gusto and fun than we did in our twenties.

I’m looking forward to finding love, finding my space in my career, lunches with the ladies and perhaps marriage… perhaps.

Until then, I am perfectly happy playing my part in the Friends life.