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Moving. I never stop moving. I guess I am a rolling stone, not much moss here!



Since the age of 21, I have not lived in the same house for more than two years.

I am reaching the point in my life where I want to find a home to settle in, one that is my own. It is not quite the time for that yet. Even though I want to own a home, I find myself overwhelmed with the excitement I get whenever I move to a new house.

It always feels like a fresh start. A new beginning.

So, once again, I am in the process of packing to move into a new home at the end of the month. I couldn’t be more excited! All the plans for how I am going to decorate it, how I will love reading in the beautiful garden whilst watching my dogs playing or what I will do with the loft space.

I imagine that I will cook in the new kitchen, dabble in some gardening and have a space to myself. Yes, I will have a housemate, but the space is big enough to ensure that we do not get in each other’s space, which is most important.


I believe that one should find joy in everything – even though it is hard sometimes. Moving to a new home is that joy for me right now.

In conclusion, this old Irish poem always reminds me of what a new home should be:

Three Traditional Irish blessings/toasts for a new homeย (Extract)

May your home be bright with cheer,
May your cares all disappear,
May contentment come your way,
And may laughter fill your day.

May you have warm words
on a cold evening,
A full moon on a dark night,
And the road downhill
all the way to your door.