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This morning whilst lying in bed, trying to shake off the sleep that still weighed heavy on my eyelids, I considered for a moment; what always makes me feel better?

Think about it… Whether you feel tired, hung over, dirty, sick, sore or just down, the one thing that always leaves you feeling better, is a shower.

So today I would like to thank the ancient Greeks for inventing showers and making life just that much more bearable and wonderful.


The thing about taking a shower, is that it can make you feel better in so many different ways. If you need to feel refreshed, soothe sore muscles, be clean, be warmer or colder; it can all be done through having a shower. Magical isn’t it?

If we do not stop from time to time to both appreciate and enjoy the small things in life that makes us feel better, what is the point in living?

So the next time you stand in your shower, take a moment to appreciate what a small, yet wonderful invention it is and enjoy.