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Mangled steel, glass, blood, screams… All the things one cannot prepare oneself for when arriving on the scene of an accident.

This week I had this experience. A truck had skipped a Stop Sign and t-boned four of my staff, leaving the car mangled and my staff injured.


Needless to say, when I got to the scene and saw the aftermath, I thought we had lost someone. Luckily everyone is alright and no serious injuries were sustained, though we are all somewhat emotionally drained.

The thing that stood out the most about the happenings of that day, was the support of strangers. When I got there, there were people everywhere, not just gaping as you would expect, but helping. They were reassuring the people stuck in the vehicle, holding their hands and making sure that the emergency services were on the way.

This renewed my faith in humanity, too many times, people stand and gape or actually steal from people trapped in vehicles. To those nameless Samaritans, thank you for being there for people who I care about. You will not be forgotten.