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I have been a blond my entire life. Never changed my hair color. Until now.
A drunken afternoon with friends convinced me that I needed to change my hair color drastically at least once before I turn thirty.
At the first opportunity I went dark brunette. At first I loved my new hair color, then, slowly, I started hating it. It cost money to maintain and was more admin than I had time for.
Unfortunately there is no ‘undo’ button for this kind of change, and now, five months later, I am still trying to get my natural, beautiful blond back.

This taught me something valuable. To be happy with who I am and how I look. In the end, that’s the best look for me as it is what nature intended.

I can safely say, I will not make that mistake again. Mess with nature and end up ginger.
Don’t say you were not warned.