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Since I purchased my car in 2010, it has, occasionally, given me a little shock from time to time. This never worried me as it was a minor shock and only happened every now and then – nothing to worry about right? Right…?

Wrong! This morning I went shopping for some lunch to eat with a friend in the park later this afternoon, and upon exiting my car it gave me a shock. This shock was different, it hurt! It reminded me of the batteries my cousins used to turn into 5V “Shock Machines” – used to terrorize the younger kids.

As an afterthought I called the Dealership to ask what the problem might be. It turns out my car could explode at any moment! There is a loose wire that could cause a spark in the fuel tank after even the smallest bump. Here I have been driving my car like a mad woman for two years. Yet I am alive! Phew, that was a close one! My car is being towed to the dealership today and will be made explosion proof.

Let this serve as a lesson to anyone that is as half-witted as I am and is ignoring the slight shock your car is giving you from time to time.

Tick tock, tick tock….